Since I was a University student in Venice, I’ve always been driven by passion for design, architecture and art. This has meant a relentless effort and dedication, applied to every new project and to its every single detail.
True passion is a mandatory requirement for an architect.

Hands-on approach

Throughout the years of our practice, we’ve been challenged in many different fields: in every case we apply an hands-on approach, aimed to combine all the choices of style with all practical aspects of construction. All this, takes shape through the consistent presence at the job-site, and the firsthand support to the client.

Long-term relationships

The success of our projects has the basic traits in the quality and the satisfaction of the client, be it a family or a company. Bringing any project to completion the best possible way, without any compromise, has strengthen most of our professional relationships, that often saw us involved in furthers different tasks with the same client.

The firm

We just love our job

Our team of passionate architects and designers, is committed since 2001 to

provide services across the spectrum of architecture and interior design, ranging also from residential to industrial design. All our services are based on a hands-on approach,

leading our staff to follow each step of any project we have on the boards: from the early

concept design, to the hand-over time. Over the years we saw developing long-term relationship with most of our clients and suppliers worldwide, setting a strong confidence about the challenges to come. Receiving new assignements from our loyal clients, often in

several different fields, is source of satisfaction and pride.

We just love our job.

In the beginning

After completing my studies, the vision became clear soon: I wanted to be a professional, I wanted to be an architect. My first field experience took place at a local firm, where I found myself involved in all the task of the projects: from the very first survey, to the final handover of the jobsite, it was a very engaging experience.

The next step was obtaining my architectural license, in order to be hired for 5 years by an international engineerign firm, on behalf of I managed several projects abroad. I soon realized that the local scale was not enough, so I started planning to approach projects brought to the global scale.

The USA Experience

I will always remember this part of my training path, as the hardest, but definitely the most fulfilling. After seeking for the most suitable roles, I obtained a position for a professional internship at a california-based architectural firm, where I clashed soon against technical english, different rules of the market and the professional practice.

The experiences has consoilidated till a nice friendship with the principal’s family and the staff, throught which I was introduced to priceless, both professional and human experiences. Projects I had the luck to manage are still a precious heritage of my formation course.