We create projects with essential lines, with a strong focus on proportions and use of materials. We bring on the challenge of balancing choices of design and style, with issues energy saving and sustainability at heart.

Interior Design

Rational subdivision of spaces, definition of an strong idiom, through the use of materials and natural light: the design of interior spaces, whether residential or commercial, must be inviting and communicate wellness. Always with style.

Industrial Design

Simple and timeless lines, aimed to conceal tecnology, basic formal expedients able to resolve challenging issues. Wood, metal or plastic: each material has its own secrets, so therefore in each project we push materials capabilities to the maximum.

Critical thinking

Passion for details

We always question the rules of the prevailing design currents, giving space to niche alternatives: we distill the best offered by the market and technology, and we lead our projects toward a unique and unmistakable direction.

We aim for


The goal in every single project, is to reach the maximum expression of design, in every field; our satisfaction is not to fulfill our ego, but to enhance as much as possible, the investment made by the clients, and fullfil their expectations.